Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Foxy Boxy pt 2

I changed out the two front panels with the plain ones so I could work some freehand on the model.

Besides 3 cathedral panels is too much gold for me.

I went with a cool reaper on the right and basic heraldry on the left.

I sponge painted over the freehand with the base color to represent the design being chipped away over time.

I bought up every possible dreadnought arm there is so I can outfit both of them for every role possible.

The extra bits on the Venerable Dred and Fist icons sprue go a long way to make standard arms look venerable.


Anonymous said...

Looks great bigWill the amount of damage to the paint gives a very it an "I am about to run through this building Ironclad feel"


Vinci76 said...

a no nonsense recking ball!...

nice freehand mate.

BigWill said...

Nice that was what I was shooting for.
Something that could also pass as an Ironclad,Regular,or Venerable