Sunday, March 21, 2010

Death Guard Army for Sale

This week I am selling a well painted Death Guard Army to pay for what happened during the Massive storm last week in New York

A giant tree in my swimming pool.

I need to come up with a grand to pay for removal(not to mention the deductible for the insurance) so my loss is your gain.

I made this army with all the insane amount of detail I always do using only Pre-Heresy bits.

Most of it Mk3 Iron Armor using second edition weapons which are the ones shown in most Horus Heresy artwork.

The are 20 Plague Marines,2 chosen,10 minor daemons,and a Sorcerer.

There is also a Rhino and Predator to add some mechanized support.

It is on EBay this week


Col. Corbane said...

Damn man, good luck with the auction.

Anonymous said...

That Suxs, BigWill, good Luck Selling