Saturday, March 27, 2010

Imperial Fist Command Land Raider Pt1

I want this to be the command tank for the Legion.

Something that carries First Company Captains and Chapter Masters to battle.

While not as fancy as Calgars whip I made use of icons to help make it look the part.
I used the Crusader model because A)It has more of a punch B)The Black Templars thier successors invented the loadout.
I see the Templars paying homage by giving the Fists a tank.

I used magnets for the side door to show the computer panel and eagle antennae so it can also be used as a Land Raider Prometheus Command tank.

The ForgeWorld one just has an oversize sensor which is not enough IMO.

I also added DragonForge cable to the Gunner to make him more like a Techmarine without harness,which it how I will be painting him.


Anonymous said...

"The ForgeWorld one just has an oversize sensor which is not enough IMO."

Which is why it's a specialized piece of equipment. Hopefully you are not using your Crusader to reroll reserve rolls like a Prometheus without paying the points.

BigWill said...

Of course you would have to pay the points if you use it as such.
Otherwise your opponent will just say screw you.

Derina said...

You have a bigger pict of the tech will?

C Trudden said...

Looks good so far, though I have to say the Prometheus has 4 twin linked heavy bolters in addition to the sensor sweet in the central turret. Would make using your crusader only a proxy if you wanted to try out the prometheus. Can't wait to see how you paint it up.