Thursday, March 4, 2010

Imperial Fist Venerable Drednought Completed

I have finally finished painting this Bad Mother-(shut your mouth).

Deus Venator is a name better suited for a titan or Land Raider.

From here on out he will be know as the Venerable Captain Charlemagne.

A veteran of the siege of Terra who suffered a grievous melta wound in the trenches of the Iron Cage.

I based him on a Manufactorum panel with small slate and barbed wire using both Mig and Tamiya rust colored Weathering powders.


Anonymous said...

Top notch, Bigwill. The weathering is tight and not overdone. Nice choice of basing, as well. You might have convinced me to buy one of these kits, since my intial reaction was pretty negative when I saw the unpainted, assembled model.

Turuk said...

Bigwill, what is your technique for the battle damage/wear and tear you did? I like the way it looks, particularly in the middle picture. The whole thing is a great piece of work.

BigWill said...

My technique is to keep the majority of the chips along the straight edges where IRL it would tend to chip first.
Then an odd sized chip or two in the middle.
It is important to keep it light in the middle or it will look more like camo.
I found it easier to do on vehicles and once I had a few under my belt I started with figures

And once again I use a 50/50 of charadon granite and dark flesh
then underlined with bleached bone.

Turuk said...
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Turuk said...

Thanks for the response, I just subscribed and had only read the past 15-20 of your blogs so far, I have since found your whole post dedicated to battle damage, so I appreciate your patience in laying it out again.

BigWill said...

No problem I am always happy to answer any questions.
And you can always find me on The Great where I am also a mod

Derina said...

WOW, now do I need one?

Will I have 2 dreds? .. My man has none. Perhaps he will get one for his birthday next month. I got my copy of Battle Missions 2 weeks early.

Nick said...

That yellow looks very strong - and bold! I've tried starting an Imperial Fists army several times and painting yellow to that degree has always thrown me off. Congratulations on the result, and another fine model for your army.