Monday, March 8, 2010

Foxy Boxy

I went out and bought another dred this weekend.

I knew I wanted this one to be a Mk V so I went about and built it with the Gothic style bits.

I unofficially dub him the Foxy Boxy,It'll have to work until I figure out a good Dark,Dark,Kill,Kill grimdark Latin name.

I also picked up just about every plastic arm I could for drednoughts I am just missing the Ironclads Right hand claw and the Black Reach Melta which is on its way.


Derina said...

will the unused heads fit on a marine?

BigWill said...

I think so

Anonymous said...

everytime I read the title I think of Rob Zombie's song Foxy, Foxy

looks good


BigWill said...

Me Too
I'm impressed you picked up on that.
Since I have removed the cathedral shoulders in favor of plain flat panels I can freehand on.
Three of the same panel was too much gold.