Saturday, March 20, 2010

Imperial Fist Drop Pod

They do not lie,this is one of the harder kits to put together.

Mine does not close 100% it might take me a few tries to get the drop-pod perfect.

I can fix mine with magnets.

I painted in the same scheme as the rest of my force however I wanted this pod to look like it really just survived re-entry and maybe even went through a weak structure or two.

I used chaos black and an airbrush to paint a band a soot on the lower half which I then augmented with MIG black pigment.

I went a little heavier than I should so I worked in some Industrial dirt to lighten it up.

Once the powder dried it really helped soften the soot and bring it back from the brink.


Kuffeh said...

I really like it. The blackened look at the bottom gives it a strong sense of use. Great work, especially with the yellow.

Dark Eldar said...

Oh wow. That's some beautiful weathering you've got going on there.

bG said...

The weathering on that drop pod looks brilliant, by far the best re-entry effect I've yet to see.

On the topic of the doors, your post has prompted me to finally post something about fixing the problem with drop pod doors not closing, you can find it here: , its a pretty simple fix and should avoid you needing to use magnets. Hope it'll be of use.

Lamenter said...

Love the paintjob on this piece. If I ever paint up my Lamenters force I'll use this as a guideline for my drop pods.


(Thanks for the blogroll link btw)