Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Venerable Drednought Varient arms

Here are the other two arms that come with the kit a lascannon and plasma cannon.

Unfortunately no right handed fist.

Maybe we will get that with the Furioso dred when that comes out.

I also have the extra arms on order from the Ironclad so this guy will be able to do it all.


Derina said...

WOW that is nice. Any multi melta in the kit?

BigWill said...

No funnily enough,GW changes the standard dred armament to a Multi-Melta because of that Black Reach dred.
But none of the kits come with a multi-melta.
But I am just glad they did not go the route of one upper arm and making you choose one of the three weapons.
At least it makes it more versatile

Derina said...

I called GW

Mail order to find out if they were going to update the razorback kit to 5th edition.

"I dont know if they are, but you could get the crusader upgrade kit." was the respopnce on the other end of my mobile.

BigWill said...

I read about that in your blog.
They love to nickel and dime converters and add rules and options that will force you to buy,you guessed it more kits.
You can bite the bullet and buy the upgrade then sell any unused bits on ebay.
Or do what you have done and try the barter bucket or one of the major website(Dakka,Warseer,B&C) trade threads.
The site I am a mod for The Great has a terrific trade section and since it is a pre-heresy community they have all sorts of super rare stuff in our bitzboxes.
What are you looking for exactly for the Razorback anyhow?