Monday, February 22, 2010

Imperial Fists Venerable Drednought pt3

The model itself is just about done,I may add a few more scratches to his back and some dust on his feet.

I still have to make a base for him to be finished however.

Any ideas?


The Inner Geek said...

It looks great, the scratches are exceptionally well done.

Derina said...

fantastic job... I'll take an Iron Hands version.

BigWill said...

Derina,when the kits go on sale that can be arranged ;)

Mercer said...

Very nice Fists Dreadnought.

How did you do the scratches btw?

Atm I'm using black with mithril silver. But how you've done yours look slightly rusty underneath and goes well with the yellow.

BigWill said...

It is easy a 50/5O mix of Charadon Granite and Dark Flesh.
On the bigger scratches I add a touch of chainmail but be very sparingly with the chainmail it is easy to overpower the scratches