Monday, February 1, 2010

Scout Speeder in Progress

I was just about done with this until I decided to paint roman numerals on the shoulder.

I hate how they look and will be redoing them.
But the original model bugged me with the chain sword guy,what the hell is he going to do with that on the back of a speeder.
Now a Sniper on the other hand is much more useful and I always have a sniper as part of my scout squads.
The guy next to him is his spotter and I gave him a scope for his boltgun


Da Masta Cheef said...

Nice Paint job! I like the grittier look you have as opposed to the day-glow yellow a lot of I.F. armies have. Got a few questions on this mini if you don't mind my asking. Do you think it would be difficult to magnetize the passengers, so that they could be removed & put on bases? And as there are only 4 guys in back, does that mean the gunner disembarks with the squad rendering the heavy bolter inoperable? I was thinking about getting one, but don't know anyone that has one of these yet.

bigwill said...

All should be easy except the guy on the right hanging on the handle.
It is hard enough getting him on just gluing him solid.
I might of misplaced the arm because he was a bitch to put on.
It looks indeed like the gunner takes the heavy bolter with him(modelwise)
One of his pieces of scout kit is a heavy bi-pod for his belt.
But the rules say crew plus 5 scouts transport.
So the weapon stays.
The rules for this guy seem really cool being able to force a much bigger scatter roll for an important objective.
If I had a ton of cash I'd make another one but with only the guys in the front.

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, seems to have the opposite issue of the Dark Eldar Raiders with no passengers on board.


War009 said...

The LSS is a great kit I have built two already (sold) and now I have two more to build....The flexability with the scouts in the LSS and the other scout kits makes it a purchase.I have done quite a few conversions with the passengers bodies for normal scouts (most were sold..). The LSS main use is an Assualt transport for the scouts(melee and shotguns) as they can jump out at any time during its movement and with the weapon options (stay with the Hvy Flamer, Melta or Heavy bolter)....

Paint looks great as usual BigWill


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BigWill said...

And a big thanks to the Adeptus Mechanicus for that last post :p