Saturday, February 13, 2010

Imperial Fists Scout Bike Sergeant

I have been working on a great one-two punch combo.

My army is going to be very Terminator and Scout heavy.

I am using a scout Sergeant with a locator beacon to ensure acurate teleportaion.

And the Scout Speeder deneys my oppenent the same bonus and scatters his deep strike while droping a scoring unit where needed.

This sergeant in progress sports an Imperial Guard sergeant screaming head which is how I make the unit truly unique.

The powerfist is from a second edition weapon upgrade sprue.


The Inner Geek said...

Should be a pretty cool army. I actually used a similar army, scouts and termies, back in 4th edition a couple times. Can be fun or a tragedy!

Nice use of the old second edition bits too!

Max said...

Like the weathering on him a lot. And yay mostly 10th company!

Anonymous said...

Very cool BigWill, with the speeder/bike combo along with the scout/termie combo should be pretty good only problem would hb HVY support but Vindicators and LR would work.


BigWill said...

I think Anonymous has been looking in my bitz box :p