Sunday, February 14, 2010

Imperial Fist Vanguard/Sternguard Champion

Here is a rare piece I acquired in two parts.

I won the body in a pricey E-bay auction but he was missing an arm.

I was going to let it go when one of my friends over at The Great Crusade said hey if you decide to bid on that I have the arm that is missing.

Now I have a very rare model that is a very nice sculpt.

It is a shame he was limited but he is now going to either be a Chapter Champion or one of Veteran Sergeants.

I thought the eagle pack with Iron Halo was a nice way to finish him off since he does not have a cape.


Anonymous said...

is he finished or WIP I am not seeing your trademarks battle damage or hand painted fists


DarkTemplar said...

An inspiration as always.
V jealous of the limited edition miniature. Look forward to seeing a shot of the whole army together!

BigWill said...

Look on his Stormbolter for thew painted fist.
There is also a partial under the scroll on the left pauldron

I am not sure I want to damage him up so much.
Might do a chip or two :)

Badelaire said...

That mini is so badass I'm at a loss for words.

Keep up the great work!