Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Marksman Completed

I have finished Saul the Blood Pact Marksman one of the nine sent to kill the Sabbat Martyr.

I plan on making a squad of Blood Pact Infantry using these great Fallen Legionnaire heads from MaxMini.

The grotesques on them look really good for those of us who cannot sculpt them just the way I would like.

Expect more on them soon.

The Founders are on hold for a week or two I got burnt out painting all that black.

Besides that's the way my ADD painting habits work anyhow,at any giving time I have 3 or 4 armies going.

I get bored of painting any army after two weeks so I put it on hold and switch to keep it fresh.

Right now I have

-Eisenhorn's Inquisition Army and the Merican Lancers(A demonhunter army with Space Marine and Guard allies)

-Sons of Horus


-Blood Pact

And right now the Eye of Terror is gazing at the Pact


Karitas said...

Saul is a very nice model. what you need now is a Larkin with a bead on him ;)

One way I've found to keep my goals consistent is to Marry your projects together.

My philosophy falls down with my Orks, though they are Blood Axes so technically they could work for anyone :)

but largely I have my Radical DH, who I've been blogging about, a contingent of Ultras who I could induct to fight with my =][=, a small Guard force, who likewise could form part of my DH roster and plans for some Grey Knight, which means if I leave the Daemonhosts at home they too can join in the fun.

plus it gives me a farily monstrous apoc force.

BigWill said...

Funny thing you mention Larkin :)

I agree with marring projects thats why Eisenhorns army also uses my IG guard force the 1st Merican Lancers.
The Lancers who also have a tank company and so on.
That is also how I have just about 1 squad for every Pre-Heresy era legion.
And I always have a soft spot for Ultras