Saturday, June 20, 2009

"The Founders" Venerable Lexandro

Here is the teams Dreadnought the Venerable Brother Lexandro.
He was Honored with a very rare Dreadnought chassis that was rare during the Great Crusade
It is not much bigger than Terminator Armor but far more deadly.
While not as fast as Terminator Armor it is more heavily armored and way faster than any other
style of dreadnought chassis.
He was an Imperial Fist Captain who was sequestered into the Inquisition a long long time ago.

Old timers will know who he is.


Admiral Drax said...

Long time no see!


I don't suppose you've any robots too, perchance?

BigWill said...

Not the Old School ones,I'd like to get my hands of a few of them.
Pig Iron makes wardroids that look perfect for a Pre-heresy Robot Mantiple IMO.
I might pick a few up someday soon.

sani said...

i remember.