Friday, June 19, 2009

"The Founders" Space Wolf

Here is the second member of the Kill Team,The Space Wolf.

I have not come up with any definite names for any of them yet.

That back stories may change in the future when I have completed the Kill Team and have more input from this Blog and Friends

The idea behind him is that he is a Wolf Guard who joins the Deathwatch to find any trace of the mighty Leman Russ.

He is on a never-ending Great Hunt and is actually closer to finding Russ than any before him.

He wields a frost axe that was used by a member of the 13th Company during the Razing of Prospero.
He is based like all my Deathwatch on custom made space hulk bases,that all have some sort of alien acid blood damage on them.
I have used plastic rivets for his legs to make them more detailed, and bits from the Space Wolf sprue and metal Deathwatch bits

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