Friday, June 19, 2009

"The Founders" Iron Hands

Here is the third member of the Kill team.

Even if not game legal I want this Kill team to have a little of everything.

The Founders are some of the best and brightest members of the Founding Legions.

So the will be a Blood Angel Apothecary, the Imperial Fist is the Heavy Weapon Specialist,and the guy we have here an Iron Hand Iron Father Techmarine.

I think his story is that he is trying to find an STC for Ad-Mech,If he finds it he will not hesitate to do whatever is necessary to retrieve it even if that mean killing the rest of the Killteam.

He does things like sneaks forbidden Inquisition eyes only xenos samples and weapons to a certain Arch-Magos that is practically a heretic in the eyes of Mars.

He cannot help but to constantly invent new things and uses the Iron fathers finds to make his research leap years ahead of anything currently seen.

The Magos's name,


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