Monday, June 15, 2009

"The Founders" Deathwatch Killteam

For my Inquisition Army I need Muscle.

The idea is a Killteam comprised of the Loyal Founding Legions.

Each has their own personal hidden agenda,

The Dark Angel is secretly searching for the Fallen to the point of making bad tactical choices to follow up leads,

The Iron Hand is secretly searching for a Rumored STC system and in the pocket of Ad-Mech and so on..

So the First I have completed is the UltraMarine who along with the Imperial Fist are really the only two without an agenda I can come up with at this time.

Maybe something as simple as trying to influence his brothers fighting methods to fall in line with the teachings of his beloved Gulliman is his agenda.

I have added a Wreath for his helm and a Purity Seal on his chest.

I also tried to give him a standard WYSIWYG load out to emphasize his codex teachings,(Bolter,chainsword,pistol,pouch,grenades of both varieties)

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