Thursday, May 21, 2009

Valkyrie Now

You know you all loved that scene from Apocalypse Now, where the Air Cav came in and blew the hell out of everything.
Now with the new Valkyrie kit the average gamer can now afford to field Air Cav armies.
There is a lot of detail on this kit and with the exception of the base everything fit perfectly
The Slot where the base fits into needs to be widened or the shaft sanded either or.
I painted my first one for the lancers VMC Dark Sea Grey over VMC Dark Grey using an airbrush.
The chips and scratches were hand painted with VMC black grey underlined with Skull White applied with natural sea sponge and a 0 round brush.
I copied the nose art from a old WWII pin-up and embellished it to kind of look like a SOB.
I call her "The Flying Nun"

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