Sunday, May 24, 2009

Inquisitor Eisenhorn

This is what I've been working on this weekend in between work and Memorial Day parties.

Inquisitor Eisenhorn using the great coat commander body,A Cadian vet head, and the standard from the chaos rouge psyker banner.

I still need to add a shoulderpad on the right shoulder and put a little psycannon on it as well.
(Which has since been added)

This will end up being part of a large Inquisitor warband.

And will go well with the Cherubael I had scuplted a while ago


BigWill said...

I added a new pic with the base and Psycannon/scanner whatever the hell that thing is on his shoulder.

Larry N. said...

That's a heck of mini you have the there Sir. The frowning face that Mr. E has is on the spot.
My only criticism... if I had any, is that sword arm looks a little long... think it's the shirt cuff. Good stuff!