Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rolling Thunder

I am going to have four different Leman Russes for this army.

I have a bare bones Russ with No Sponsons,Battle/Las Cannon.

A scratch built Vanquisher

I need to still assemble.

A Forgeworld Ryza Vanquisher on a Mars Pattern Hull

One of the new ones with all options magnetized when the new kit comes out this summer.
I believe every vehicle should have alot of gear on it.

The first two tanks I made use of just GW parts but I have since acquired Tamiya accessories for the two others when I make them.

I painted these two the same grey as my Valkyrie,Dark grey base,Dark Sea Grey airbrushed leaving a bit of dark grey showing in recesses and panel lines

The lower portion was weathered with Tamiya weathering powder(mud,sand,light sand)

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