Saturday, May 30, 2009

Harlon Nayl

For a long time I have been wracking my brain how to model Harlon from the Eisenhorn/Ravenor series.
Well since I have started on Eisenhorn,I have an eye out toward the Inquisition now and will add that to my Guard Force too.
Or should I say the Inquisition adds the Guard to it.
I decided to paint up my Assassins and the first one I started working on was this Skullz exclusive Imperial Assassin.
I love this model to death and you can legally use him as Callidus,Eversor,or Vindicare because it just says assassin it doesn't differentiate.
But remembering Harlon was described in the Ravenor books as wearing a bodyglove when at work I realised I had the perfect model all along.
He has a big gun and a pistol in holder,sword and many pouches to keep his lockpicking gear.
He can count as a Warrior in the Inquisitors warband or even still stay as an Assassin to emphasize the nature that Harlon Nayl is just a Badass.


John Lambshead said...

Neat, very imaginative.
I have been making a Caine/Veil Order Xenos team. I stuck on the Rogue Trader and retinue but I'm now on it.

BigWill said...

There is an old Black Library mini of Caine that is pretty cool he is holding an imperium flag standing on a pile of dead Xenos.
There is also the newer commissar who is running that can have a Powersword or Chainsword who looks alot like him too.
I would'nt be lying if I said mine has sideburns :)