Monday, May 18, 2009

Been a Long Time

I am going to try to get this blog thing back on track.
I have always been working on Various Pre-Heresy armies,I love them so much I can never stick with one.
But I have gotten sucked in to the new Guard armies and I have to admit,I really like building and painting non-power armored armies.
And I discovered I have a real knack for painting Armor.
I have started researching different Fine Scale Modeling sites using the techniques used to recreate historical photo-realistic WWII replicas.
In fact I am building an Army right now that has a retro WWII theme to it.
The First Merican Lancers "The Big Red One."
The Merican Fusiliers were mentioned as being part of Lord Solar Macharius Army and the Lancers are the speartip of that army.
The Big Red Ones being one of the last of the ancient regiments one of the old One-Hundred.
This will be a sizable fast attack armored force that is geared for extended conflict everyone is carrying alot of gear.
The armor is loaded with ammo boxes,packs,and miscellaneous gear.


The Inner Geek said...

Great idea using one of the ancient armies kept intact by the Emperor after the unification wars! Now, why didn't I think of that? Good luck and I look forward to seeing updates less than thirteen months apart!

BigWill said...

The old blog never took off,it's surprising what being linked to BoLS can do for ya.
I plan to update at least once a week.
Most of the times more.
I also just stumbled onto Secrets of the Lost Reich and bought a few of the quzi-future allies to try out.