Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Merican Lancers Jeeps

I figured it was time to make the obligatory Tauros units.
For my army I dub them Jeeps.
I used camo net to give them an organic feel.

The only thing left to do is a couple of small details I missed and weather the tires with weathering powder


Colonel_Scipio said...

Wow! I really like them, the 'organic' look really shows through and the worn paintwork sets it off beautifully. Keep them coming!

Mordian7th said...

Those are fantastic! Beautiful work as always - looking forward to seeing more!

Will Wright said...

Well I am kind of on hold until my Nuke comes in the mail.
I bought the deathstrkie last week but I was disgusted at the size of the big missile.
Now I understand that look on my girlfriends face :p
So I bought a 1:72 V2 rocket to replace such a weedy missile.
I do not feel like painting troops
ATM,so I am finishing the tank treads

Dai said...

Torpedo buggies look great! Hope those nets don't hamper the drivers' visibility!