Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grey Knights Grand Master Mordrak and Friends

I kitbashed this model to represent Grand Master Mordrak.
Mordrak is a cool character because he is protected by the ghostly apparitions of his old squad.
I modeled three of them and painted them a metallic black with ghostly Green Aegis.
I discovered a new way to paint blades using my airbrush and after a few bad tries,I finally got the hang of it.


lil will said...

They came out really good. Those blades look amazing !

Ron Saikowski said...

Love the bases. But let em ask you this, do you find the large pieces that stick out like that to be problematic? Does the larger, irregular base shape cause any issues when playing?

Ron, FTW

Will Wright said...

I'll let you know when I finally play a game :)