Saturday, May 12, 2012

Merican Lancers 100 Megatons

May I present "Justus Extremis" the Merican Lancers Deathstrike Nuke.
I thought it was weird that Mericans didn't have nukes so I made one.
The Deathstrike kit has an awesome chassis and launch platform.It would make a great base for a support tank as well.(Something to file away for later)
Problem is when I saw the kits Big Missile cool as it was , it is more of a cruise missile.
I wanted a big fat nuke.
So I went online and bought a 1:72 V2 rocket,well to be honest I first bought a 1:48 scale one and it was too big.
But the 1:72 fits perfect,just clears the ground in a fully raised position.
I scratch built support cradle arms out of styrene L-beam and hex rod cut down to bolts.

A little camo net to break up the smoothness of the Missile and she is ready to make someone have a very bad day.


sonsoftaurus said...

Awesome! That'll draw some fire!

Dai said...

Much better than the regular missile!

Love it!

Mordian7th said...

That is thoroughly intimidating. Great work!