Thursday, April 19, 2012

Merican Lancers Command Churgeon and new Fleet Officer

I decided to use the Forge World Thunderbolt pilot and the Fleet Officer instead of the Maccrage guy.
He fits in much,much better.
I also finished the Command Churgeon(Medic).
No secret I love FW models this one is from the Krieg Quartermaster set.


Dai said...

Both really well painted. that servitor is smashing and like how you've used the TBolt pilot and might have to steal the idea off you.

One thing that's bugging me a little - the blood spatters on the medic seem a little bright for realistic blood splashes? Could be the light in the pic though.

Will Wright said...

Go ahead I stole it from someone else.
Thats called paying it forward :)

He nicked an artery that is bright arterial blood ;)