Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Merican Lancers Combat Iterators

The Merican Lancers would never need or tolerate for that matter Commissars.
Their loyalty is above question,however the Lancers benefit from the rousing speeches of the Combat Iterator.
A Combat Iterator with the right words can inspire a unit to feats of bravery.
The good ones can even make a troop try to go against Adeptus Astartes against his better judgement.
So that is what I am using for the Commissar proxies,does the same job just in a different way.
I have two standard Combat Iterators and one Combat Head Iterator(Commissar Lord)


Ron Saikowski said...

I rather like the grey used for the clothing. It's got a bit more depth than the usual black you see there.

Nice work.
Ron, From the Warp

Will Wright said...

It's actually Olive Drab,these guys are'nt Commissars per say.
But are more like a Football coach from hell ;)