Thursday, January 7, 2010

Imperial Fists ChapterMaster in MK2

This is my Helbrecht conversion using a Max-Mini head.

I used a dremmel to grind off most of the Templar iconography.

I like how he is coming out but I am not 100% on the color for his tabbard.

I gave him a Cortez Deamonhammer as a gift from the Inquisition and the Combi-Melta gives him a nice anti-vehicle punch.


Yvraith said...

My initial thoughts were go with crimson but that would detract from your current theme with using blue as the extra main colour.

But if you wanted something a bit subdued, maybe look at making the tabard a charcoal grey or a very dark grey. If you are looking at playing/using them to represent as Sigismund's coy, I think a subtle hint towards their company commanders heraldry would be a nice touch.

KRUG said...

Really sweet conversion. Not a big fan of the Imperial Fists but he def looks like he's ready to smash some xenos and heretics alike.

Itkovian said...

Very cool - I like Yvraith's suggestion on the tabard colour. The one thing that really detracts from the model, in my opinion, is the completely flat forget. It looks like someone made a table out of their head and stuck a helmet on top...

It could really do with using the dremel to hollow out the neck guard, which would make the head itself lower and more natural.

Keep it up!