Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Imperial Fists Scout Capt Telios pt1

The new novel Sons of Dorn has this great character of a company capt Telios who is promoted/demoted? to lead the 10th company.
Since I stole Tellions head for Bulveye,I had the great body but with no head.
I removed all Ultra symbols and used the Deathwatch bare head to make my representation of him.
He will lead my scout squads becoming a Tellion proxie.
I need to base and battle damage him still.


The Inner Geek said...

Looks good. Nice job on the head swap. It's easy to mangle a metal mini getting the head off, but yours looks clean and healthy!

BigWill said...

Well Tellion has a separate head so there was no cutting involved.
The Metal Deathwatch head had a smaller neck than plastic heads and fits perfectly.

The Inner Geek said...

That would make the conversion a bit easier! Still, the mini looks great.