Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sigismund Part 2

I have made good progress on my model of Sigismund Emperor's Champion.

For most games he will be either a Company or Chapter Champion.

The armor at this point is pretty much done,now it is time to work on the cape.

The Gore on the head was made using Tamiya clear red plus black and two hairs off my head.


woroxon said...

your model is coming out great I like the way the helmet makes a diference, I like that all my miniatures use helmet when I have a choice, so using diferent helmets will be one of the prioritys for next year on my captains.

Imperialjustice18 said...

well done will! love the use of the chapter officer!

Musings of a Smurf said...

i really like that model. Looks great

DarkTemplar said...

I love this conversion!