Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Imperial Fists Sternguard Vet Sarge

While painting my terminators I had this guy all prepped ready to start painting.

So as I was doing the last terminator I was also basecoating this guy.

He is in the same style as my Terminators but with a Templar cross.

Fluff states that the first company were called Templars and I like to show that with some Black Templar iconography on his knee.


oni said...

Very nice. The pics are a little dark, you may want to try some post processing. Try using Picasa, it's free, user friendly and does a decent job.

BigWill said...

Thanks Oni,Photobucket has tools too now that I bothered to look :)
But my pics will be 100 times better after Christmas,once I get my potable photo studio lightbox set.

Simon said...

Nice work on this guy. I've just found your blog and I've been going through some of your other posts. Could you explain how you do the chipping on their armour? I've been trying to do that on some of my models but haven't had much luck.

BigWill said...

I will do an article on chipping next guy I do.
But in short I mix up Charadon Granite and Dark Flesh.
I always am on the lookout for a tool that will apply random marks like a sponge but with at least a small amout of control over them.
I may have found a winner with a sculpting tool that looks like an nylon oversized pipecleaner.

Badelaire said...

Very, very badass model. I've got only one problem with it though - I dislike scoped bolters on models with helmets. Why the scope when all that gadgety nonsense is supposedly going on behind his faceplate?

Other than that, very cool model and a great pose to boot.