Monday, December 7, 2009

Brother Nero

This is a model that I like quite a bit.

I went a little laurel crazy on him,he is wearing one has one on his knee and another on his power fist.

You could say he is a hero among heroes and if they made action movies in the 41 millennium,you could bet the most popular would be about Brother Nero.

His name is thrown about as a possible successor to Master Lexandro himself.
Sadly this is the last of my Forgeworld Shouldpads,for now I will be working on painting up my Vet squads.


Anonymous said...

The yellow is brilliant--particularly the battle damage. I hate to ask, but is the helmet finished? It looks fairly flat compared to the rest of the model, and it's all the same color (even the eyes).

Also, out of curiousity, why the small (square) base? Is this specifically for use with Space Hulk?

BigWill said...

No he is not 100% finished.
I have stopped there on the helmet because I am trying both the blue line and grey line method out on a couple of vets and I am doing and I am not sure which way it will go.
Yes he is on a small base for Space Hulk that stacks on a larger 40mm base.

oni said...

He looks good. I particularly love the pose.