Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pimp my Terminator

There is one bad thing about the new Blood Angel Terminators , they make the multi-Part kit ones look bland and flavorless.

The Space Wolf kit is full of flavor as is the Chaos kit,but not our standard $10 Terminator.

So in my quest to make a Kill-Team for every major faction for my Space Hulk game I need to go the extra mile to get them on part with the Blood Angels.

To do this Forgeworld Shoulders go a long way to give your guys a needed boost.

Which I use for all my multi-part guys.

I also use Iron Warrior MK3 Helmet which fits great and instantly gives them a Pre-Heresy feel.

For the Brave and the Bold I used Plastruct Strips,Granht line rivets,and Procreate to give this guy a chest plate that strongly resembles a Mk2 Crusade suit.

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