Sunday, October 11, 2009

Black Legion Autocannon

Well we all know there were no assault cannons during the Heresy.

now I know they could have looted one in the last 10,000 years but I in fact like the look of the autocannon better.

Either way Brother Leon better watch his six for the vile Laranus


RonSaikowski said...

Nice job on this guy.

Pacific said...

I agree, the autocannon looks much better! :)

Great pose you have done with this guy, it looks like he is wheeling round to fire (or maybe swinging his gun back and forth spraying bullets and mowing down loyalist scum :) )

Master Darksol said...

Nice touch with the hazard striping...

Also, I appreciate the pose mimiking Brother Leon's. Nice ;)

BigWill said...

I am trying to do that wherever possible
Like I plan on giving one bolter brother a scope,one guy will be ripping off a stealers head ect.
I jusy started on Lysander for a change of pace,when my airbrush totally crapped out on me.
I stripped it down cleaned and rebuilt it.
It's working but working not quite right.
I'm gonna need a new one soon.

Tas said...

I love your idea of Traitor Squads mimicking the BA squads- I was wondering if you ever finished this project off and if we could see pics of the BA nd BL side by side?

Just started by BL termies myself for some Loyalist vs Traitor scenarios in Hulks (aka SH 1st Edition). I'm mostly using the original minis from 1990 so the poses and nowhere near as dynamic as yours