Sunday, October 4, 2009

Black Legion Lord Falkus Kibre

I am making a few Black Legion to be aggressors for my modified Space Hulk.

Until he is canonically killed he is Falkus Kibre of the Justaerin.

The painting is heavily influenced by Master Darksol at the blog All Things 40k.

I love how he added the old iconography on the cloak and I stole from that.

I also love the look of using Charadon Granite with a Black wash to have aged black armor.

It comes out perfect.


The Inner Geek said...

There are rules for Chaos Marines and many other non Imperial Termy types for first edition Space Hulk. Easy conversion to work with the new, almost identical, rules. In fact, the Marine vs Marine games I played in first edition Hulk were my favorite!

The model looks awesome by the way!

Pacific said...

Great stuff! I love the Sons of Horus logo on the cloak, thats some nice freehand!

Do you know for sure that Falkus will get killed off in the HH books?

BigWill said...

No I do not know for sure.
He probally will buy it on the Vengeful Sprirt during the Big Show.

Master Darksol said...

I think the logo on your cloak came out way better than mine! Bravo, he looks glorious!

BigWill said...

Yeah but yours has that awesome trim that always seems to give me trouble.
Your Chaos lord is pretty badass too I love how much you can customize him.

Rabidchild said...

This guy is great, just bursting with character. Nice technique for the armor, I'll have to remember that. His cloak, topknot and back icon all stand out, well done.

KRUG said...

Ah....Charadon drybrush and a Badab wash...match made in heaven........