Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bulveye in Terminator Armor Pt1

I am making a 5 man 13th company Killteam led by Bulveye Axeman of Russ.

He is Described as bald with a close cropped blonde beard.

The best Head I could think of was from Tellion.

I will magnetize the head so I can make a power armored version and use the head for both.

He is also Described as using a Plasma Pistol which I have the perfect one for the power armored one.

For this guy I am using the spare combi-bolter that comes with the Librarian.


Alan said...

Which Librarian did it come with? very nice by the way, I knew who you had modeled without reading the write up.

Hudson said...

Are you going to do Pre-heresy shoulder pads? After all Bulveye's been out of circulation for a while.

Love the look. The Telion head works beautifully.

BigWill said...

@Alan The Newer Teminator Librarian
the one with the book banner and choice of 3 left hands.

@Hudson I want to be truly authentic and give him Cataphratti Shoulders but the new shoulderpads that come with the kit are so nice I just may have to use them instead
(There is a molded pad that is pretty much 13th companies badge,and the new Wolf Cruxes have wolf skulls on them and are every bit as nice if not nicer than the Forgeworld shoulderpads)

Big Jim said...

Great looking mini, I can't wait to see him painted!

Imperialjustice18 said...

I like it, but could you please cut off or mod the chain of ammo from the bolter :) ?

BigWill said...

The ammo feed will look normal when the arm is attached in its final position.
(right now it is just blu-tac'd)