Thursday, January 19, 2012

Return of the Merican Lancers (Winter Themed Tank Company)

Well a couple of weeks ago I looked around my hobby room at all the stuff I knew I would never paint.
So I went and sold a bunch on E-bay,unfortunately for me at that time there was a tank company on sale,sooo.
Enter the Return of the Merican Lancers.
The 1st Merican Lancers was an army I made a couple of years ago which was my version of the Merican Forces during 40k.
The Merican 1st is one of the old 100,the few army unit that garnered enough respect from the Emperor to remain active under the Aquila.
They are a Terrain founded force and are some of the best equipped units in all the Imperial Guard having an HQ on Terra and enjoying close ties with the Martian Brotherhood as the Mericans were invaluable to Mars during the Age of Strife helping them secure priceless arceotech.
In return were giving the equipment which made them so tenacious in the face of the Thunder Warriors.
This Army will be a Winter Themed Tank Army with 10 Leman Russes,1 platoon,1 command squad.
The first tank underway is Number 3,because this is a standard no frills tank so to speak.
1 and 2 will be the CO and XO with special tanks
Speaking of which I never did get rid of the original banner barer,this model was always special to me.


Mordian7th said...

Very cool! The banner bearer is fantastic, and I love the weathering on the tank thus far - can't wait to see more!

The GunGrave said...

Agreed, the scheme o the tank is ace! The white basecoat really makes the weathering pop!