Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blood Pact Penal Legion Beastmen

For my army I am using Beastmen for the Penal Legion of the Blood Pact.
I used Gors and Catachans to 40k up the Beastmen.
The Custodian is an Enforcer,I was thinking Klytus when painting their faces where you can clearly see the eyes.


sonsoftaurus said...

Nice. I was planning to do something similar for my own Chaos guard.

I like the eyes on the enforcer, looks freaky crazy.

Mordian7th said...

Very nice! Love the beastmen - keep up the great work!

Deadestdai said...

Nice! My own penal legion is much the same except I also used Catachan legs on them too with the boots cut off and their lower legs and hooves put in instead. (One day I'll actually paint them....)

The GunGrave said...

Excellent idea, they loomk great!

jugger said...

These are great!