Monday, January 2, 2012

Chaos Renegade Chimera

I whipped up a Renagade Chimera to use as a dedicated transport for one lucky squad
I didn't go to crazy with adding stowage but I did use Forge World Khorne & Renegade brass etch and added plastic rod weld beads along the front.
Seems the Dark Mechanicus prefers function over form.
I used a base of Alclad II steel then applied masking fluid with a sponge here and there.
I then used Testors Model Master Olive Drab and sprayed over the steel.
Once touch dry I removed the mask with masking tape and rubbing it off.
It helps to take a pic of the model at the masking fluid stage to remember where you put it all.
After this step I used Burnt Umber oil paint,MIG rainmarks & powders to weather it.
I think the armor bug has bit me hard.

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