Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sons of Horus Painting Tutorial

A few of you sent me messages on how I painted my Sons of Horus.
Today I give you the recipe.
You will need the following paints
From Vallejo Panzer Aces line:
Africa Korps Tank Crew(336),Highlight Russ.I Tkcr(329)
From Citadel:
Chaos Black,Boltgun Metal,Scab Red,Blood Red,Scorched Brown,Thrakka Green,Badab Black,Devlin Mud,Asurman Blue
From Tamiya:
Clear Red
Step one give a good solid base coat with Afirca Korps be sure to thin the Vallejo paint well they tend to be thicker than GW in my experience
Step two mix equal parts Thraka Green,Delvin Mud,Badab Black,Asurman Blue and water for a wash that you will coat the model with.
Be sure the wash in concentrated more in the cracks and not on the flat plates on his armor
Step three use a 50/50 mix of Africa Korps and Russian Highlight use this mix to paint your model carefully leaving the base color at the cracks.
Take your time and use thinner paint and more layers to get a good solid finish
Also paint your blacks and reds at this time so you can use the green mix to fix mistakes
Anything you want as a red gemstone like I am doing on the chest and knees paint Blood Red over the Scab red.
Step four paint your metallics with Boltgun Metal and coat the Red gemstones with Tamiya Clear Red.
Paint or decal your unit markings and weapon of choice and you are good to go
Step five(optional)use just the Russian Highlight if you want to paint hard edge highlights

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Anonymous said...

Hello, great tutorial. Can you give an alternative for the vallejo paint in gw standards?