Sunday, July 31, 2011

Massive 40k Sell-Off,Get the Getting While its Good

Last night while I was seraching an hour for a special bit I had a dreadful realisation.
My Hobby Room looked like an episode of Hoarders.
I have so much stuff that if all I did was paint models all day long I could still never finish them.
So today I stepped out of myself and really went through my models.
There are alot of reallt good models in the pile but I will never ever get to them,the time has come to sell them.
I opened a new E-Bay store BigWill's Big Sell-Off,come on by if you want rare model for bargin basement prices.
I still have way too much but now it is more managable


Anonymous said...

shame ur not selling overseas. So many nice things I'ld love to buy.

Will Wright said...

I do sell overseas if you pay shipping

Will Wright said...

Thank you so much for pointing that out.
I fixed the auctions I did'nt realise I was screwing myself