Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its a New Sons of Horus Army

I couldn't bring myself to sell the old army just yet.
In fact It will be resold as a small strike force without Vehicles,I could not bear to part with them,especially the Pre-Heresy Land Raider.
So to begin this army I am starting with the command squad and bolter brothers.
I decided to use the topknots as a unit identifier,tactical is blue,devastator is brown,assault is red,and command with be purple.
The first one is the banner bearer,I used Mk2 since it is an ancient that usually carries the banner.
I added chains and skulls to liven it up,I used the Horus heresy Anthology as a reference for the design.
I found a new recipe for the armor that is much closer to the Index Astartes article.


Pacific said...

Great stuff mate, glad you haven't got rid of your old army as I think it would have been a shame! :)

Big Jim said...

That's a great looking banner bearer!

So, what is the new recipie for the armor color? Cause yours is the best I have seen.

Will Wright said...

I am still going to unload the red scorp stuff as a strike force like I said maybe I'll get a few bucks for them.
I have already purchased the complete new army.
20 Mk4,5 Heavy Weapons Mk4 for a total of 25 and the nice old Rouge Trader Mk1 LR and the new contemptor with two arms.
The Dust set I am selling is going to make me money.

Big Jim: It is Vallejo Panzer Aces
Afrika Korps Tankcrew(336) and and Highlight Russian Tankcrew(329)
I use Afika Korps as a basecoat,then I add a black and scaley green to the mix and water it down to blackline and darken cracks and lines on the model
I then use a 50/50 mix of Afika Korp and Russian Tankcrew Highlight and paint the model being very careful to keep the cracks dark.
The use just Russian highlight for you guessed it the highlights :)

Das Reich said...

Beautiful work. ¡For the Warmaster!

Anonymous said...

hi models look awesome am about to under take a SoH army for a club challenge starting in january. am theming my own at istavaan when they have just turned traitor. just a quick question on ur armour colour how did u achieve it?