Monday, November 29, 2010

G for Gretta pt2 "Bombay Sapphire"

The Forge World model is curiously bare when it comes to the bomb bay.
I guess you are supposed to just model it closed.
That will not stand,I went out and using plastruct and evergreen,I beams,Channel,and rods fabricated a replica of a B-17's bomb bay.
I even bought extra Bombs(also missing for the Marauder BOMBER)and loaded Gretta up ready to drop death from above.


C Trudden said...

Looks good so far, enjoying watching the progress. Looking forward to seeing how the alcad II works out, I've only ever seen it used on lexan bodies for r/c cars. Any reason why you went with it over the testors metallizers?

BigWill said...

An article I read on FSM used alclad.
To be honest I just read an article on this month FSM and they used metallizer.
I have to be honest both finishes look similar
But I think Alclad has more shades