Saturday, November 27, 2010

G for Gretta pt1

This is my massive year end project,a Forge World diorama the centerpiece being my rendition of the "G for Greta"from Double Eagle.
I plan on entering this in a Golden Demon somewhere down the line.

I plan on making this special by painting it in an Aluminum B-17 WWII scheme getting refueled and rearmed.

I am using a very different product than most are used to called Alclad II.

This is a metallic lacquer that actually bonds to the surface.

This being said any bump or blemish is going to show very easily so the surface must be sanded glass smooth.
I am starting with 400 grit and working my way through to 12000 grit before I even prime it.

It must also be primed in a lacquer based primer such as Tamiya.
After which it must be sanded again then painted gloss black enamel for the high shine finishes.

I am also going to super detail the bird as there are some things I really want such as the waist gunner and bomb bay.

These pics show how I carefully drilled a hole through the modeled access door then sanded to fit the shape of the door.

I also made a copy of the door so I can model it in an open position with a heavy stubber 50 cal sticking out.


The GunGrave said...

Great book, probably my favorite Abnett! Im really going to enjoy seeing this project grow!

Mephistopheles said...

im assuming you mean 1200 yeah?
would be there for months goin up to 12000, that stuffs for jewelers :S
to cut back on the ammount of sanding you need to do, i would sand in 400 first, prime with a low build primer thats preferably not epoxy, then once dry wet rub with some wet-dry 600 grit, then 800, and straight to 1200.
its a similar process we use when prepairing parts for pre-chrome primer, cause as with the stuff you use, chrome makes errors stand out like dogs balls on a cat.

what kit are you using? the bomber or destroyer, cause from memory G for Greta used both, bombs on the column in the mountains, and rockets against the land carrier. it also doesnt stipulate the tail fins of the plane, so will be interested in seeing which you have chosen.

might have to re-read the book to follow your progress, but sounds like a great project to do.
as it is, atm i am working on my own locust from the same novel, painted in a bright chrome i 'borrowed' from work. being a fellow fan of the novel i would appreciate any comments on my work thus far (no painted pics up yet).
the link is and just go to locust on the left side menu.

look forward to more updates :)