Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blood Pact Heavy Stubber Team

I have been working on new Heavy Weapons squads as of late.

The first is a Forge World Renegade Heavy Stubber Team.

They are painted up like the rest of my force,I originally wanted them to be shooting out of the window but then the models would of been hidden from view.

Which totally defeats the purpose of painting a mini in the first place.


The GunGrave said...

Very nice mate. Keeping the base quite dark ties it in really well with the minis. Nice job!

CylonDave said...

Wow! Great looking Stubber team. I picked up 3 of these myself I plan on using as proxy for a heavy bolter team. You did a great job on making part of the Blood Pact army. :)

Mike Blake said...

WOW! Knockout concept and execution! I love it and am going to do one for my 95mm BP.