Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saving Brother Ryan Pt 2

I ended up having a few hours today to devote to finishing this piece up.

I have a bit left to do but I think the blood I have down is perfect.

It is there if you look for it but not in your face,a good use of where less is more.

I still need to work on the cape and add more weathering.


Joe Gekko said...

I'm not usually one for blood on minis, but that IS very well executed. How'd you do it?

Chris said...

Absolutely great objective! I love it :) Been trying to decide to whether or not to pick up those Marines, I think you just sealed it!

I saw the dead Marine from the pack on eBay the other day, listed as "OOP" and it was going for more than the pack is new! Plus postage! Mental :)

BigWill said...

People are funny sometimes.
I would like to buy 10 packs and recreate the cover of 3rd edition with the Crimson Fist last stand.

Rabidchild said...

Very well done. I love the blood effect and want to throw it all over everything, but you're right. This is a clear case of less is more. It's perfect. I also love how dusty the base looks. Did you use weathering powders?

BigWill said...

Yup,it makes for a very realistic effect.