Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back from Vacation,Selling RT01 Army

Hi guys,I made it back from vacation in Hawaii in one piece.
I is truly beautiful and if you can you should go see it someday.
If you were a Xenos player there you would have a field day with the seeds some of them looking very alien.
I have done a little more work on the objective but not enough to really take pics.
I also wanted to show the RT01 Rouge Trader army I am selling on E-bay
20-24 Marines on Sprue
1 Pred Annilator
1 Pred Destructor
1 Vindi
1 Rhino/WhirlWind/Razorback
1 Beaky Tank Commander
1 Beaky Jetbike
4 Tarantulas
4 Scouts plus more


ColKillgore said...

I hopped over to ebay and it is already too rich for my wallet.
Good luck.

BigWill said...

I'm surprised at the Jump myself.
I always wanted to paintg up a Full on Old Beaky army like this but I realise I'll never find the time.
Hopefully whoever wins can take up the torch and make something really special out of this.