Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Abaddon First Captain Justaerin

Here is my take on a Heresy era Abaddon without the fur cape.

I may still add the roman style tabard but I am not sure I think it works without.

I also have more pics of the weathered objective marker adding the mud splashes.

All that remains is the cape.


Max said...

1st Cpt. Abaddon looks to be coming along well, and love the objective!

bhsman said...

Is this going to represent Abaddon as a Son of Horus or a Luna Wolf, and what rules will you be using to represent him on the tabletop with if not some homebrew?

Looks good so far. :)

BigWill said...

Sons of Horus Abaddon,but his termie armor is black either way :)
I just do not feel like adding the wolfskin cloak or any cloak for that matter.

Vredesbyrd said...

Very cool Will, looking forward to seeing him painted.

jabberjabber said...

Nice work! I think you've captured the essence of Abaddon very well.