Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Merican Lancers Advisors

These are the Lord Commanders battlefield advisors
The Master of Ordinance,Fleet Officer,and Astrotelepath
I also have made various bodyguard ranging from Lucifer Black Enforcers,Carthage Warrior Women,and Imperial Ninja
I'll use whatever bodyguard tickles my fancy any given day,however I do have an eye to make a Veteran squad out of the Enforcers.


Chris said...

I always liked the little Mcragge dude, he looks like he's saying "Out of my way, I must bring the Emperor his lunchbox!"

Dai said...

Those ninjas are dead sexy.

I need to paint up the remainder of my advisors. Such characterful sculpts.

Will Wright said...

They are great sculpts,I am very pissed because I lost the fleet officer.
That's why I used the Macragge guy.
But in hindsight it makes my advisors a bit unique,and that is a must for my models.
Probally sent him in an ebay shipment by mistake