Friday, March 9, 2012

Merican Lancers Command Salamander

So I am on the FW site see how the back of a Hydra goes on when I see the Salamander kit.
I always wanted to build one since reading about them in the Caiphas Cain books.
Not wanting to toot my own horn but I felt I could do a better job using a stock Chimera kit.
Building the Chimera leaving the back off then using 1mm card to make the armor that goes around the top chassis detailing with studs and strips and Aquilla from the tank accessory sprue.
I used Rhino and Land Raider comm panels and two Chimera antennae for the advanced comms.
I used carbon fiber rod for the antennae.
I used the Chimera Turret flamer and the back of the heavy stubber with g/s to fill in any gaps to make the pintle mounted heavy flamer.
I attached the FW Chimera Commander to the comm panel with 22 gauge wire wrapped around a .030 rod.
The Gunnery Sergeants stripes and Commanders US Star come from the Dust Tactics decal sheet.


Deadestdai said...

Looks pretty darn awesome.

Really like all those antennas too.

oink said...

It has the very look you'd expect from a Salamander and the end result is very professional! You've got a great eye for the details!