Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Space Marine Statue

Every since I read the post on Santa Cruz about the reactive paints I knew that they just had to be used on the Space Marine Statue scenery.
I used the Sophisticated Finishes Patina Blue kit on a statue I built today.
I think the results speak for themselves this paint is some heavy hitting stuff when it comes to scenery.


ephrael said...

That paint and patina look amazing. I think that I will have to try it out on a vehicle some time.

W.I.P. said...

Yes, great job on that, and after seeing this post and one from another site featuring the rust color, I am debating about trying it out on one of my buildings. Possibly on this:

Tristan said...

now THAT is verdigris!!
any chance of a tutorial post?

Will Wright said...

No need for a tutorial really as the paint does all the work.
It is called Sophisticated Finishes Blue Patina kit and I got it at Michaels craft store.

WIP I would also get the rust kit too if I were you that big ole chiminey is dying for real rust ;)

major dave said...

What was your base colour?